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A few words about Continuous Deployment

Continuous Deployment is the deployment or release of code to Production as soon as it is ready. (...) The automated process is key because it should be able to be performed by anyone in a matter of minutes (preferably by the press of a button).
Once you have moved to a Continuous Deployment process, you will have to have several pieces of automation in place. You must automate your Continuous Integration Build Server and Continuous Delivery to Staging, as well as have the ability to automatically deploy to Production.
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Just create a new file like "vim leo".
Insert the following script code:


while [ -n "$1" ]; do
lynx -source "$1"|\
grep results >$T
w3m -dump $T
rm $T

[ -n "$1" ]&&\

t "$@"||\

while read -ep dict2\> W; do
t $W|more

You need lynx and w3m.

Make the file executable (chmod +x leo)