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Unfortunately there are still projects not on dvsc like git. That's especially true
for enterprise customers which are at least stuck on Subversion if not worse.

So the first thing I do on new projects I join:

   git svn clone -s svn-url

Or installing Git if I have to work on customer provided machines. That's even more
important than the rest of a development environment like an IDE.

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Buch Fragile AgileGespannt habe ich auf das neue Buch der Kollegen Baron und Hüttermann über die Zerbrechlichkeit der Agilität gewartet. Zu oft habe ich selbst Erfahrung damit gemacht, wie missverständlich Agilität aufgenommen und interpretiert werden kann. Zu oft habe ich selbst gesehen, wie man Agilität missbrauchen kann, sei es als Schutzschild für eigene Versäumnisse, sei es um ein Buzzword mehr in seinem Lebenslauf zu haben.

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In my opinion its much better to have a team working on a project than a single person.
Even if this means that your customer might have to wait a bit longer for his project to start (because other projects also occupy more people) everybody benefits because of increased productivity, better code and happy team members.

Here are my top five reasons why you should not leave one guy alone with a IT project...