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Dieses Jahr hatte unsere Mobile Developer Reisegruppe das Glück die MDC 2012 quasi vor der Haustüre, nämlich in Stuttgart, vorzufinden. Das machte den Besuch natürlich noch viel reizvoller. Darüber hinaus kündigte sich mit Robert Virkus,  dem  Gründer eines unserer Partnerunternehmens, Enough Software aus Bremen, ein spannender Talk über das , meiner Meinung nach derzeit heißeste Thema im Mobile Bereich, an. Doch dazu später mehr.

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hero-gamecenter.png On Wednesday, I'll be giving a presentation on Apple's Game Center at the local CocoaHeads Group, here in Karlsruhe.

Game Center is Apple's social gaming network, that lets you invite friends to play, share your highscore and achievements through leaderboards and it even auto-matches you with other players for online-multiplayer games.

If you are interested in getting to know more about Game Center, drop by RetroGames on Wednesday 24th of November at 19:00.

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Have you ever pondered on the NSString class reference and you were overwhelmed by the sheer amount of methods? I certainly have and due to the endless possibilities those methods give you, I just couldn't figure out how to split an NSString by characters and create a NSArray of those characters.

Blame it on my lack of creativity or on the fact that I'm not a C buff. However, thanks to my creative Googling, I came across this site, which shows you how to do it:

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Before flying off to WWDC last month, I watched a whole bunch of sessions from 2009. Among others a session on "Prototyping iPhone User Interfaces" by Bret Victor. If you haven't watched it and you've got access to the WWDC videos - stop right here and watch the video!