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Since November 2013 I have been attending six conferences of the conference series formerly known as NoSQL matters, and that now runs by the name distributed matters. And you can say I am a fan! The conferences take place in various interesting places of the world, so far they were hosted in Cologne, Berlin, Paris, Dublin and Barcelona. I have not been everywhere, but my favorite city is Barcelona. Beautifully located at the Casa Convalescència, it is fun to attend all the talks on different topics and discuss with the speakers and attendees. So, after being to distributed matters in Barcelona again on November 21, I want to take the chance to wrap up and share some of my impressions.

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A very brief history of the NoSQL development - From Codd to Brewer and beyond

I am still new to the movement that is now called NoSQL, and therefore curiously following all the discussions around the CAP theorem, consistency levels like BASE, the immolation of several letters in the ACID paradigm and the 'demonization' of the relational join operation. I wondered why long established techniques and paradigms might no longer be valid and attended some of the NoSQL matters conferences. These conferences are still small and very communicative, and I enjoyed them a lot! Last year in Barcelona a great inspiring talk on the development of NoSQL was given by Doug Turnbull (@softwaredoug), who is a historian as well as a computer scientist. He discussed a lot of interesting points, and to some of these I will refer here, too. What is better suited to understand a new topic than writing a review on its history? As this would be too time consuming a task, I will write down a very brief history of the events (as far as I know about them) related to the NoSQL development, as well as some of my very own thoughts and impressions on this topic. There are still a lot of questions troubling my mind...

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Vom 28. April bis zum 30. April fand die NoSQL matters in Köln statt. Austragungsort war das KOMED im MediaPark, nur knapp 15 Gehminuten von Kölner Hauptbahnhof und Dom entfernt. Neben zwei Tagen mit Vorträgen gab es auch einen Trainingstag. Die angebotenen Workshops waren hochwertig, und einige Firmen wie Neotechnology haben die Chance genutzt um neben der Konferenz auch ein Meetup durchzuführen. Die Vorträge auf der Tagung waren breit gestreut, und aufgrund der noch überschaubaren Teilnehmerzahl gab es viel Gelegenheit für Diskussion. Die Teilnahme an diesen Veranstaltungen kann ich uneingeschränkt all denjenigen empfehlen, die sich für neue Datenbanktechnologien und BigData interessieren, und einen Einblick aus sowohl anwendungsorientierter als auch theoretisch fundierter Sicht gewinnen wollen. Inhalt dieses kurzen BlogPosts sollen jedoch ein paar Punkte sein, an denen sich die Geister noch immer scheiden, und die auch auf der Konferenz in Köln immer wieder zu Diskussionen geführt haben.

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The confernence venue

The NoSQL matters conference took place in Barcelona, Spain, from 29-30 November. Barcelona is a big, beautiful (but crowded) city. The conference venue, the Casa Convalescència, belongs to the complex of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau which was declared World Cultural Heritage Site by the UNESCO. It has a great atmosphere! The conference itself was sold out, and thus more than 150 participants came together to discuss about the field of NoSQL and related technologies. It was well organized, and the schedule left time for discussions and to change the rooms. The concluding 'session' brought all the participants together for tapas and beer and encouraged them for further lively discussions.