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Particularly to people using C++ and Python the Qt framework is probably quite well-known, as in these communities it's one of the most-used frameworks for application development. For those who don't know what Qt is or what it does: it's a comprehensive LGPL-licensed framework providing cross-platform support for GUI, network, multimedia, database, sensors, graphics (OpenGL) and many other features. In this article I would like to give a quick overview of these.

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Dieses Jahr hatte unsere Mobile Developer Reisegruppe das Glück die MDC 2012 quasi vor der Haustüre, nämlich in Stuttgart, vorzufinden. Das machte den Besuch natürlich noch viel reizvoller. Darüber hinaus kündigte sich mit Robert Virkus,  dem  Gründer eines unserer Partnerunternehmens, Enough Software aus Bremen, ein spannender Talk über das , meiner Meinung nach derzeit heißeste Thema im Mobile Bereich, an. Doch dazu später mehr.

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In a recent project I encountered a problem with SQLite on android 2.1. On later versions, my code worked perfectly, but on 2.1 it crashed every time when trying to get a column from a cursor.

Here's the simplified code:

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For an upcoming, probably large mobile project, I was asked to look at the current situation on mobile multiplatform frameworks that cover at least Android and iOS and provide access to some native API's like the camera. So I looked at several of the available frameworks, but only two of them fulfilled all requirements while also providing advantages towards other ones.

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It has been a while since my last update on our efforts over at the mobile solutions blog.

The most important announcement was without any doubt the imminent release of our new side project: "I think I spider":

The "I think I spider"App idea was born, when we discovered the corresponding web site. We had so much fun with it, that we decided to bring all the joy to the major mobile platforms.

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Am 21. und 22.08. fand für mich die 2. Free and Open Source Software Conference FrOSCon in St. Augustin bei Bonn statt. Der Hauptgrund für meinen Besuch im letzten Jahr war ein ausgedehnter Java-Track, ich war jedoch von der Atmosphäre und der Vielfalt der Themen so begeistert, dass die Konferenz für mich sicher ein regelmäßiges Ereignis sein wird.

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I think I spider appWie passt das alles zusammen? Ganz einfach ...
"Holla the woodfairy - holla die Waldfee". Was haben wir gelacht über diese und noch viele weitere "Übersetzungen" auf der Website "I think I spider". Und da lachen bekanntlich gesund ist, kamen wir schnell zu dem Entschluss noch mehr Menschen zum Lachen zu bringen. Was liegt da also näher, als eine iPhone App zu diesem Thema zu entwickeln? David Linsin, Ansprechpartner für den Geschäftsbereich Mobile Solutions, war sofort begeistert von dieser Idee und nahm Kontakt mit dem Betreiber der Website auf. Mit seiner Erlaubnis fiel der Startschuss für die unkommerzielle Entwicklung der App.

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There's a lot going on over at the mobile solutions blog, so in case you are not subscribed to our feed, which I hope you are, you can grab it here. In order to convince you to hook your favorite reader up to our mobile blog, I'll highlight a couple of blog posts for you.

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In my last summary I forgot to mention, that I will be at WWDC this year. Now WWDC is over, I just got back and if you want to know more, checkout my blog post here. While I was gone, our team was busy publishing all sorts of good stuff!

Let's start with the release of Android's FroYo last month! Achim wrote a nice blog post highlighting the noteworthy features: