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After showing you how to request a remote browser from a Selenium Grid in the last part its time to put some effort in getting the grid running smoothly. Also, check out the first part of the series for the greater context of this blog post.

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Die 7. "Free an Opensource Software Conference" fand zwar schon letztes Wochenende in St. Augustin (nahe Bonn) statt, aber darüber zu bloggen lohnt sich dennoch. Denn die FrOSCon ist mit 5€ Eintritt (bzw. 100€ Business-Support) nicht nur eine der günstigsten Konferenzen, sondern wie ich finde auch eine der lohnenswertesten.

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Like a lot of it-staff nowadays, I've got two displays connected to my Linux Box. Most of my colleagues like having one big workspace using Xinerama / TwinView, but I prefer 2 independent workspaces, even if I can't use drag and drop between them.

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CmsShell is a neat tool to access the OpenCms VFS from the command line. This can be extremely useful when your system can't be accessed anymore using the web interface or when performing batch updates. The script can be found in the OpenCms webapp at WEB-INF/

Unfortunately the script that ships with the OpenCms webapp doesn't work on Ubuntu systems as it is. These are the steps to make it run.

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Back in 2003, I've been working as trainee at a big webhosting company. Back in the days I've been really keen on the upcoming 2.6 linux kernel series, and compiled nearly every RC, but when the real working at the providers abuse department started I've lost track of all the new features that are implemented into the kernel, besides the "popular" stuff, like btrfs…