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Suppose we voted for Sass as the css preprocessor of our choice for a web application. Knowing that css must be generated from our Sass code everytime a scss file is modified, we want to set up the project in a way that enables fast turnaround cycles during development.

The Requirements are:

  • generated css should be bundled within the WAR when building the webapp for production on the continuous integration server

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Metrics by yammer provides runtime metrics and statistics for all kind of apps you can imagine. A lot of stuff is directly useable out of the box, for example measuring request/response cycles of webapps and provide histograms of the measured values. So, lets try enabling a simple Java-Application built by maven.

First we add needed dependencies into our pom:


After providing this, we are able to do something like that in our code:

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When developing web apps with Maven the de facto standard for running the app is to use the excellent Maven Jetty Plugin which runs the project in an embedded Jetty server. When configured, it can either run the project from the war file directly via mvn jetty:run or in exploded mode where the war is unpacked before being run (mvn jetty:run-exploded). This noticably speeds up development as there is no need to manually deploy the artifact to a server.