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A few years ago, a good friend of mine installed a small photovoltaic system on his roof. I'm very exited about installing some solar panels on a roof and start producing electricity. It turned out that the installed inverters have massive quality problems. So the idea was born to monitor the whole setup like i know it from computer systems. Each inverter in this system has a serial port interface to transmit data.
But at this time, the market of low cost and low power consuming computers wasn't distinct as it is nowadays. In February 2012, the Raspberry Pi Foundation started to sell Raspberry Pis. I saw this as a chance to get a cheap computer with a minimal power consumption.

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some time ago Aljona showed
how to monitor and manage your java application with jmx

I'm going to show, how you can make use of JMX from the viewpoint of a sysadmin.

initial point:

You have a Java-application deployed in an applicationserver like JBoss or Tomcat and you want to monitor the health of this application(including the applicationserver and the Java-virtual-machine it is running in) with a tool like Nagios.

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Heute will ich einmal die Gelegenheit nutzen und die beiden wohl populärsten Konferenzen für Java-Entwicklung innerhalb Europas gegenüberstellen. Dazu muss ich aber fairerweise anmerken, dass ich die Devoxx'2011 komplett besuchte, während ich auf der JAX'2012 leider nur 2 Tage sein konnte.


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Yet another year is almost over. One of the reasons I notice this is because Devoxx is coming up again. And - of course - Synyx is going to be there. In the last year four of Synyx' employees attended the full conference. This year all of last years visitors are going again, and even three more. So there has to be a reason why it's so popular. This post is going to be about Devoxx and why I personally enjoy going there. Well... there are several reasons...

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More and more Projects at our company are taking advantage of distributed and local revision control by using git. So to make a complete software-project fit for git, by not only using git-svn with subversion and git on top, some more steps are required than just handling files with git, learning its syntax and understanding the way it works…

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Java Entwickler wantedWir suchen ab sofort Verstärkung für unser Individualsoftware-Team!
Interessante Projekte, nette Arbeitsatmosphäre und alles, was man sonst so braucht.
Schau mal rein, egal ob Du zum reinen Entwickler, zum Softwarearchitekten oder zum Kommunikationsgenie tendierst.
Mehr Infos
Java Entwickler wanted!



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At Synyx we're currently taking care of a rather large legacy project for one of our customers in the course of our Code Clinic services. The project comprises several components such as a fat client implemented with a custom UI framework on top of Swing, a bulky web application using a mixture of custom and obsolete frameworks, and a lot of asynchronously running jobs to process input from other systems involving custom XSL transformations and a heap of stored procedures in a Oracle 9i database. You get the picture, it's the prototype of a legacy system.

7 Little Logging Frameworks on their way into your code base

The original developers of the system suffered a serious case of the well-known NIH syndrome and thus a lot of technical debt has been piled up over the course of its development.

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This year in November three of my colleagues and I were visiting the best Java conference ever - Devoxx in Antwerp (blogs here: 1,2,3). Now, since more than a month of time went by its time for recall and see, what about Devoxx is still present in my mind.

The fist thing is, that the conference was very very well organized and the location was almost perfect.

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As the university days on Devoxx are nearly finished I'd like to summarize some of the more interesting talks that happened during the first two days. Marc already wrote some words on the conference itself so I will focus on the talks.

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Today i integrated the JSR303 reference implementation, which is Hibernate-Validator 4.x, into an existing JavaEE application. The application is built on Spring 3.0 and uses our Synyx Hades project, which is also based on Spring, as an  OR-Mapper. (

First I just followed the Spring tutorial which is quite simple and straight forward. (