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A while ago we wanted to store internationalisation for a project in database to allow (a subset of) users to create and update internationalisation using the application itself. When we searched the web for existing projects that allow to do this we did not find a good and ready to use solution. This is why we decided to write the code ourselves and make it available to others, especially since there was some public demand and it will probably not be shipped by SpringSource (check out Google for details).

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Many of the Web-Applications we develop for our customers are based upon our small Framework on top of Spring / Spring MVC. This framework basically brings often used components ready-to-use (or ready to customize) and - of course - makes things even simpler than Spring already does.

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Last week I spent some time hunting down an internationalization-issue that came along while developing for a recent project. Let me explain what happened:

Message-Lookup - of course - always stands together with Locales (java.util.Locale) of the client the message is resolved for. The problem was, that messages for the English users were not resolved to the English translation, but to the German one.