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So that's it. Three days, 2.000 Developers from 20 countries, over 140 speakers from around the world, and one outstanding beautiful city. It is for the first time, when Devoxx Poland (previously known as 33rd Degree), one of the most recognizable European Java Conference took place in Krakow, the city of the polish kings, and one of the most important places in whole polish history. It took place from Monday to Wednesday last week in the ICE Conference Center, which is located directly by the Vistula river, with beautiful view over the Wawel Royal Castle.

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I am a fresh employee at synyx. I started early in 2013 to work for the company and the Devoxx 2013 in Antwerp was my first conference with my new colleagues. Everything started around august when a colleague asked „Whoooo want to go to the Devoxx in November. Are you in? And you?“, he was so enthusiastic that I thought: “Hm first conference with these guys? One week with them in another country? And that on my birthday? Let's do it!”.

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Belgium, November 2011. More than three and a half thousand people are surging into Antwerp's megaplex, the Kinepolis. It's Devoxx-time!

Devoxx 2011 from Roy van Rijn on Vimeo.

From November 14th to November 18th Europe's biggest community-organized (i. e. not organized by a big corporation) Java conference took place in its traditional venue in Antwerp and of course Synyx was there, too. Marc already wrote about why we like attending Devoxx in Reasons why I go to Devoxx.

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Yet another year is almost over. One of the reasons I notice this is because Devoxx is coming up again. And - of course - Synyx is going to be there. In the last year four of Synyx' employees attended the full conference. This year all of last years visitors are going again, and even three more. So there has to be a reason why it's so popular. This post is going to be about Devoxx and why I personally enjoy going there. Well... there are several reasons...

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This year in November three of my colleagues and I were visiting the best Java conference ever - Devoxx in Antwerp (blogs here: 1,2,3). Now, since more than a month of time went by its time for recall and see, what about Devoxx is still present in my mind.

The fist thing is, that the conference was very very well organized and the location was almost perfect.

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As the university days on Devoxx are nearly finished I'd like to summarize some of the more interesting talks that happened during the first two days. Marc already wrote some words on the conference itself so I will focus on the talks.

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Employees of Synyx are going to Devoxx in Antwerp since three years. I've never been here before but my colleagues have always reportet that they loved the conference. So this is the first time I could also make it and I must say, just right after less than the first half: It rocks!