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With the redesign of our current homepage there was the chance to re-evaluate our requirements and make pragmatic decisions filling our needs.

Our previous websites were always implemented in OpenCms since we are OpenCms Solution Provider and contributor. Using a CMS like OpenCms seemed the natural decision and it worked well for several versions of our homepage. But given the amount of work needed to set it up, develop templates and administrate it, was it really what we needed?

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In the previous part of this series we took a look on how to develop mobile applications with plain HTML, CSS & JavaScript (furthermore refered to as the web stack). A few pieces of absolutely laid out CSS for the views, a dash of custom jQuery events for controller code invocation and standard in-browser SQLite access for the model -- every aspect of a MVC application should be accounted for, shouldn't it? Not quite ...

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Once in a while a demand for fast development of a mobile application for several platforms at once comes up. Your team of developers might be small or knowledge about the different Software Development Kits (SDKs) involved is scarce. But hey, perhaps you know how to write HTML & CSS and are also experienced with JavaScript. With the advent of the Apple iPhone and briefly afterwards the Android line of phones, mobile devices started to support a lot of modern HTML & CSS features. The progressing "applification" of the WWW further boosted the development of fast JavaScript engines. And with the recent addition of multitouch, geolocation and fast CSS3 animation support, the mobile browser has become a new deployment target for mobile applications. That's the theory at least. In this series of articles we will provide an overview on the technologies involved, available frameworks and the approaches taken to bring your application to several mobile platforms at once.