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Dieses Jahr hatte unsere Mobile Developer Reisegruppe das Glück die MDC 2012 quasi vor der Haustüre, nämlich in Stuttgart, vorzufinden. Das machte den Besuch natürlich noch viel reizvoller. Darüber hinaus kündigte sich mit Robert Virkus,  dem  Gründer eines unserer Partnerunternehmens, Enough Software aus Bremen, ein spannender Talk über das , meiner Meinung nach derzeit heißeste Thema im Mobile Bereich, an. Doch dazu später mehr.

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I Think I Spider

It has been a while since our 1.0 release of I think I spider, but we have been working hard on a new major release with a couple of great improvements. Last week version 2.0 was approved by Apple and is available in the App Store.

While the new Android version is going to be released soon, I'll tell you all about the improvements of the iOS App.

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One of the most impressive talks for me at WWDC 2010 was session 306 - "Automating Use Interface Testing with Instruments". I've been wanting to check it out ever since iOS 4 was released. A couple of weeks ago, I finally had a chance to give it a test ride using our very own App "I think I spider".

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hero-gamecenter.png On Wednesday, I'll be giving a presentation on Apple's Game Center at the local CocoaHeads Group, here in Karlsruhe.

Game Center is Apple's social gaming network, that lets you invite friends to play, share your highscore and achievements through leaderboards and it even auto-matches you with other players for online-multiplayer games.

If you are interested in getting to know more about Game Center, drop by RetroGames on Wednesday 24th of November at 19:00.

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I Think I SpiderWhen you enable Apple Push Notifications (APN) for your App, your device generates a unique device token and pass it to the didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken method in your App delegate. Usually, you'll hand the token to your server in order for it to push notifications to your device.

There are different tokens for production and sandbox, depending on which provisioning profile you build/sign your App with. One more gotcha, you need to be aware of when it comes to those device tokens: don't mix production and sandbox tokens!

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I Think I Spider

Today we are proud to present our own very first App (it's actually our second Android App) that made it to the App Store and Android Market - I think I spider!

In corporation with Lars, a great designer from upstruct and the content from the hilarious website, we managed to release an App that hopefully puts a smile on your face every single day.

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It has been a while since my last update on our efforts over at the mobile solutions blog.

The most important announcement was without any doubt the imminent release of our new side project: "I think I spider":

The "I think I spider"App idea was born, when we discovered the corresponding web site. We had so much fun with it, that we decided to bring all the joy to the major mobile platforms.

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If you add a store to your app and use In App Purchases to collect your payments, there are a couple of limitations your have to live with. One of those limitations is not being able to fully test your App in the iPhone Simulator:

Store Kit does not operate in iPhone Simulator. When running your application in iPhone Simulator, Store Kit logs a warning if your application attempts to retrieve the payment queue. Testing the store must be done on actual devices.

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I Think I SpiderWe improved our "I think I spider" App quite a bit since Beta 1. Among other stuff we added some nice sound effects. If you want to check it out, let us know and we'll hook you up!

If you are like me and not a big fan of sounds, you probably want to turn them off. That's why we provide a Settings Bundle, which lets you flip a switch in the Settings Application of your iOS device, in order to turn off sounds.

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I Think I SpiderOur little pet project "I think I spider" is almost ready to be thrown out into the wild!

That means we are running a closed beta for iOS devices for the next couple of weeks. In case you haven't upgraded your device to Apple's latest operating system yet, this is the time to do it, because we are targeting iOS 4 only. Unfortunately, we are not ready to support iPad devices yet, but it's on our radar and planned for a future version.