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Die 7. "Free an Opensource Software Conference" fand zwar schon letztes Wochenende in St. Augustin (nahe Bonn) statt, aber darüber zu bloggen lohnt sich dennoch. Denn die FrOSCon ist mit 5€ Eintritt (bzw. 100€ Business-Support) nicht nur eine der günstigsten Konferenzen, sondern wie ich finde auch eine der lohnenswertesten.

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While working on one of my projects we were faced with the problem of creating a report with a big amount of data to show on multiple Excel tabs (about 50000 entries grouped by different criteria's). We had a couple of requirements that lead us to choose Jasper Reports as our report generation engine. Other requirements lead us to use XML as data source - e.g. to generate the report on the fly without wasting hard disk space for different languages.

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It is hard to imagine a web project without JavaScript code today. JavaScript is an easy to learn and very performant script language. In the past we have used JavaScript mostly for eye-candy and form validation. Recently we have been asked more often to implement complex user interfaces with trees, sortable tables and things like that. So we decided to rely more on JavaScript to improve the feedback of the website to user actions.

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More and more Projects at our company are taking advantage of distributed and local revision control by using git. So to make a complete software-project fit for git, by not only using git-svn with subversion and git on top, some more steps are required than just handling files with git, learning its syntax and understanding the way it works…

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Matching the time of my talk at this years OpenCms Days we released our module for integrating Solr with OpenCms. A few days have passed now and we had the time to polish the documentation and some aspects of the module.

Solr is a search server that is based on the de facto standard for indexing in Java, Apache Lucene. It provides an abstraction layer above the low level details of indexing and adds some useful features like facetting and synonyms.

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Open Source is not just about available sources or certain licenses. Successful Open Source projects have a community that matters, not just users, strong leaders that listen and still communicate their vision and goal, growing base of contributors who don't want to be ignored, even if there's a benevolent dictator as project lead.

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From May 9 2011 to May 10 the third OpenCms Days took place in Cologne. The topic of the conference was "The OpenCms 8 User Experience", targeting the release of OpenCms 8 with its advanced direct edit (ADE) functionality. We at Synyx, being a sponsor for the third conference in a row, have been looking forward to both of these events, the conference and the release of OpenCms 8 for quite some time. In this blogpost I want to mention some of the highlights of the conference, in another blogpost I will describe some of the new features of OpenCms 8.

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Open Source Projekte

Synyx entwickelt bereits seit Jahren Anwendungen und Programme auf Basis von Open Source. Rund 20 Mitarbeiter entwickeln, optimieren und leben Open Source Anwendungen. Denn wer Open Source Solutions programmiert, lebt eine Philosophie.

Einige im Laufe der Zeit selbst entwickelten Tools stellt Synyx der Communitiy wieder zur Verfügung. Darunter sind sowohl selbstfinanzierte Entwicklungen als auch Tools die ursprünglich im Kundenauftrag entwickelt wurden und welche von diesen als Dank für die Community frei zugänglich gemacht wurden.

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I previously mentioned that setting up a development environment for OpenCms can be quite hard. Besides our Netbeans module we are using a custom maven plugin for some time now. As we gain a lot of benefit by building our modules from the file system it's time to release it and see if other people also want to use it. It's based on an Ant task that has originally been released by Eurelis. Today we released version 1.0 which is now available under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.