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Vor kurzem hatte ich die Muße ein älteres JavaScript Projekt zu refactoren. Unter anderem sollte die Assertion Bibliothek Jasmine von 1.x auf 2.x aktualisiert werden. Zwei Dinge gab es bei unseren Tests zu refactoren. Einmal die Art von asynchronen Specs und einmal die verwendeten Expectations. Unter wurde super beschrieben was für Änderungen man genau machen muss beim Umstieg von Jasmine 1.x auf 2.x.

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Vom 13. bis 15.06.2016 waren wir zu siebt in Amsterdam auf der goto; Amsterdam. Zunächst gibt es einen kleinen Reisebericht zu lesen auf den dann ein paar Impressionen aus den einzelnen Sessions und Talks folgen. Wer direkt zu den inhaltlichen Schwerpunkten unserer Reise springen möchte bitte hier entlang.

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Klingt langweilig und abgedroschen? Nicht bei uns!

Gegen Ende des letzten Jahres entfachte sich eine spannende Diskussion über Werte. Die Idee dahinter: ein gemeinsames Wertebild für unser Unternehmen zu finden. Denn synyx ist die letzten Jahre kontinuierlich gewachsen, weswegen sich die alten Unternehmenswerte verändert haben. Es war uns wichtig zusammen unsere Werte zu reflektieren.

Doch wofür diesen ganzen Aufwand?

Dafür gibt es verschiedene Gründe:

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Last week we attended the Open Source Datacenter Conference #OSDC 2016 in Berlin.

It offered great presentations about open source tools in relation to devops, automation, monitoring, communication, logging, continuous delivery and more.

I especially liked that the speakers felt like attendees themselves, with all of them being happy to answer tons of questions and openly discuss their (and other's) topics and presentations, creating a great atmosphere that felt like working with colleagues that have to solve the same issues and suffer the same pain 🙂

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Last week Stefan and me took part as guests at the para//el conference in Heidelberg. The actual program was separated into 2 keynotes, one per day, and 36 talks, 18 per day, three at a time (in parallel). Right at the beginning it was said, that we were two out of 150 participants, which, I would say, leads to a nice atmosphere. It wasn't difficult to attend a discussion or meet other people during the pauses and I haven't further experienced, quite contrary to other conferences, any large queueing at launch. Why? Well, someone encountered that a table, if placed correctly, offers space for more than one line at the buffet, which is quite a good news! 🙂

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This is the second article of a springboot & reactjs article series about server side rendering and progressive enhancement. In the first article we have learned how to render a ReactJS app on the server with nashorn. However, actually it is not really an "app" yet. Currently we just see a static list of awesome products...

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This is the first article of a series about server side rendering and progressive enhancement. We will implement a product list that can be sorted by two parameters. Furthermore the app will be progressively enhanced, means the html document is rendered on the server and javascript will just enhance the app on the client if possible.

springboot & reactjs article series

  1. server side rendering ✅

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Anstatt immer wieder zur Fortbildung auf Konferenzen zu fahren hatten wir dieses Jahr noch eine andere Idee: Wir hatten einen Inhouse-Workshop zum Thema "Visual Thinking" mit Tanja alias @frauhoelle. Ziel des Workshops war es, den Teilnehmern die Bildsprache näher zu bringen und dadurch die Kommunikation zu verbessern.

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From August 31st to September 2nd 2015 I attended the Internet of Things Conference at the nHow hotel in Berlin. Monday was a workshop day, while Tuesday and Wednesday were the actual conference days with talks and keynotes. There was a second workshop day on Thursday, in which I did not participate.

Below the fold you will find a (not that) short summary of the workshops and talks I attended.

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If you nowadays visit a conference, you still might get into contact with sessions where people are talking about monitoring or at least some aspects of it and ALM (application lifecycle management) is a really important discipline a team or project should should take into account right from the beginning and no, this doesn't mean that you should trim or optimize prematurely, but to have an eye on it. Next to the developers and operators we can identify many more stakeholders who are interested in the data, but generally they prefer a different view on the data.