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Während der Karlsruher Entwicklertag der andrena objects ag schon seit 2010 ein etabliertes Event in Karlsruhe ist, brachte der Veranstalter die Konferenz dieses Jahr erst zum zweiten Mal nach Frankfurt. Fünf synyx-Kollegen dachten sich: "Die nehmen wir doch mit!" und bestiegen den ICE in Richtung Deutschlands Bankenmetropole. Die Entwicklergemeinde wurde dort in einem Gebäude der Goethe-Universität empfangen und mit ausreichend Kaffee und Mate für den ganzen Tag versorgt. Bereits in der Opening Session zeichnete sich die hohe Qualität der Veranstaltung ab als Professor Ralf Reussner vom KIT einen eindrucksvollen Einblick in die Informatik-Forschung bot. Mit den von ihm betreuten Forschungsprojekten Palladio und Vitruvius (WIP) stellte er mächtige Werkzeuge vor, mit denen man schon vor der Implementierung eines Projekts die Auswirkungen von Designentscheidungen abschätzen kann. Nach diesem gelungenen Auftakt begann die eigentliche Konferenz mit in drei Tracks strukturierten Talks.

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Just a quick one today...

RANCID (Really Awesome New Cisco config Differ) is a software to monitor a routers software and hardware configuration, and to maintain history of configuration changes by using CVS.

If you need more information about Rancid, you can take a look at their website.

Installing RANCID

Installing Rancid is easy:

root@[server]:/# apt-get install rancid

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In our internal JavaScript 'User Group' (called JS-Posse in honour of the legendary 'The Java Posse' by Dick Wall, Chet Haase et al.), we recently decided to evaluate alternatives to our current JavaScript linting standart, JSHint. Although well established by now among different development teams across synyx, using it never felt 100% comfortable. A quick Google search left us with three alternatives:

  • JSLint by Doug Crockford himself

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During installation of Proxmox VE 3.3 (available here), you are only given the choice of what disk you want to use for the installation process, but not what disk layout you want to use. Now, there are several ways of installing Proxmox on a software RAID. One of them is to run through the standard installation process and add a software RAID afterwards, using mdadm.

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On 22 November 2014, the NoSQL matters conference took place in Barcelona at the Casa Convalescència, which is doubtless one of the most beautiful locations for a conference! The Casa was declared a Historical Artistic Monument in 1978, and a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1997, and these great halls are a great place for great speakers.20141122_090344

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A few days ago, we had to set up a XenServer Host, running on one of Hetzners dedicated servers. There are plenty of howto's around, but since we happened to run into a few problems with routed networking and Domain Name Resolution during installation, that weren't documented in Hetzners Wiki, i decided to provide a blog post for self-reference and as a way to contribute a (hopefully helpful) basic guide on how to install XenServer on a dedicated server - in our Case a Hetzner Root Server.

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Ab Oktober finden Sie uns in unseren neuen Büroräumen in der Gartenstraße 67 in 76135 Karlsruhe. Unsere bisherigen Telefonnummern und Email-Adressen bleiben erhalten.

Da ein Umzug natürlich auch mit logistischem und organisatorischen Aufwand verbunden ist, bitten wir Sie um Verständnis, dass wir am 1. und 2. Oktober nur eingeschränkt erreichbar sind. Während dieser Zeit kann es auch vereinzelt zu Ausfällen unserer Services kommen. Ab Montag, dem 6. Oktober stehen wir wieder wie gewohnt für Sie zur Verfügung.

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Particularly to people using C++ and Python the Qt framework is probably quite well-known, as in these communities it's one of the most-used frameworks for application development. For those who don't know what Qt is or what it does: it's a comprehensive LGPL-licensed framework providing cross-platform support for GUI, network, multimedia, database, sensors, graphics (OpenGL) and many other features. In this article I would like to give a quick overview of these.

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There are a number of reasons to use the Spock testing framework:

First, tests - specifications in Spock speak - written in Spock are well structured, expressive and therefore provide good readability. In addition, Spock has built-in features like data driven testing and interaction based testing (mocking). Data driven testing allows your test code to be reused, i.e. to be applied multiple times with different parameters.

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As i told you in an earlier blogpost, we are getting ready to move into our new offices in a few weeks. So, the last few months were pretty busy for us - starting from scratch with an emply floor, we had to come up with a floor plan that would fit our office culture, design our infrastructure layout, comparing different hardware and vendors, obtain offers from several contractors, keep track on schedules and deadlines and frequently visit the construction site to check if everything will be build as we planned it.

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